Counselling and Psychotherapy

Counselling and Psychotherapy


Counselling considers the ’here and now’ challenges of our daily lives. Whether these are very private, or involve relationships, family or work, we offer skilled support in problem solving, and finding the most appropriate solutions for each person. Counselling tends to last between three and ten sessions.

There is often a crossover between counselling and psychotherapy in the work of individual practitioners.


Psychotherapy looks more deeply into the origin of our issues and is tailored to each person’s needs. Part of this involves exploring the unconscious patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving we developed as children. These patterns were originally fashioned to make our world feel safe and predictable. In psychotherapy we consider how these childhood patterns might still be operating - in our relationships, family or work - and whether they continue to serve, or need to be replaced with responses more suited to our adult lives.

We particularly observe the relating between client and psychotherapist and how it might reveal these underlying ways of operating, and provide and the opportunity to try out new behaviours.

Psychotherapy also provides an opportunity for exploring the big questions of our lives – how we make meaning, what gives our life purpose, and how we might discover a sense of inner direction to which we can align ourselves more fully.

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