Couples Therapy and Counselling

Couples Therapy and Counselling

Supporting and strengthening your relationship so that it is your “safe haven.”

  • Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples
  • Imago  Couples Therapy

Couples Therapy aims to reduce the distress that couples experience when they feel they are injured, hurt by their partner or at an impasse. The focus is on healing the relationship.

It is designed to identify the patterns of relating, to de-escalate negative cycles, build on the positive cycles and make changes which create lasting shifts and changes in the structure of the relationship thus bring about new solutions to old problems. From this new cycles and patterns of attachment and connection are built.

In finding new ways to be with your partner with acceptance and hope, turning toward each other and supporting positive change, your bonds will be strengthened.

Finding a new security together enables more joy contentment and hope. Your relationship becomes your “safe haven”.